Welcome to HistoBase

Welcome to HistoBase, a functional annotation database for Histoplasma capsulatum maintained by the Sil Lab at UCSF.

We will be performing a major code upgrade of HistoBase from 11/29/2023-12/8/2023. Durng this time HistoBase may be unavailable. As a result of the upgrade, some existing features will be removed and new features will be slowly introduced. Please let us know if you notice anything broken or missing.

As of 3/7/2023, genome browsing has been temporarily been disabled due to a possible vulnerability in Gbrowse2, which is no longer maintained. We expect to re-introduce genome browsing later in 2023 using either jbrowse or the Sil Lab's internal genome browsing code. If you rely on specific Gbrowse2 features or have other genome browser requests, please let us know.

To find genes or genomic regions by sequence similarity, try the BLAST/BLAT tools. To search curated annotations by keyword, try the Annotations search tool. For a quick search by gene name, microarray probe name, genome locus, or keyword, try the search box in the top right corner of each page.

Updates to this site are announced on the news page and on our RSS feed (more about RSS). Please let us know if you have any questions.